AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to maintain your blood sugar levels.
4 proven strategies for learning to live with hypoglycemia.
7 tips and tricks for reducing your food cravings.
A dirt-cheap way to help you plan your future food program.
A free and easy way to adjust your 3 daily meals to 6 meals without putting on weight.
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  • "Vital to Help Take Control Of Your Life"

    "As a Type 1 diabetic, living with hypoglycemic episodes can be difficult. This book is vital to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to take control of your life. This is a "real life" book that empowers you and gives you the boost you need to tackle hypoglycemia. It is also difficult to find resources for my patients who need advice, and this book is invaluable not only in its ability to educate but also to support. The anecdotal approach helps my patients to realize they are not alone in the search for a normal life with hypoglycemia- because they aren’t! It provides essential advice for managing hypoglycemia. If being in control of your hypoglycemia and your life are what you want - then you MUST have this book!" Jennifer Lind MSEd, OTR/L, Tampa, Florida.
  • "This book is a real reality check..."

    .....At last an explanation in layman's terms about hypoglycemia and how to diagnose and solve the problem of those wicked cravings and mood swings we come to live with. This book is a real reality check that gives food guidelines and an eating plan that is both sensible and practical. Highly recommended information. Well Done. Margaret Baker BN, DipsCS. Capalaba, Australia
  • "This book gives excellent clear direction ..."

    After suffering from debilitating hypoglycemia I discovered that the thing about our time is that there is a vast amount of information out there on every subject. But in my condition I found it very easy to become overwhelmed by this and I battled to get clear informative information on what I should do to control my illness. I think the strength of this book is that it gives excellent clear directions to get started and in depth knowledge to living with and managing hypoglycemia. I found it absolutely invaluable to getting back to normal life and wouldn’t be without it. Thanks for the help. (I’m even running marathons!) Angela Broughton, Vauxhall, London

Hypolgycemia Diets – Is it an Emotional Battle?

If you have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia (particularly reactive hypoglycemia) your doctor will have given you various guidelines including a change of lifestyle, change of diet and to start on a good exercise regime.

If you are truly battling to get your head around all these changes take note of your eating habits to see whether your food consumption is emotionally affected.  The article “Binge Eating and Emotional Health” has some helpful information.  Why not visit the site and learn much as you can if you are going to control your symptoms of hypoglycemia.

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